It's time you took cyber security seriously

Your business is being targeted by hackers.  You can bury your head in the sand and hope for the best...

or we can work together to find your weak spots before the hackers do and help you stay one step ahead.


Hacking affects all businesses

While certain industries are more prone to cyber attack, the reality is that no business is safe.  Whatever your business, KNR can help you stay ahead of these threats.

Real estate

Real Estate transactions are a large and easy target for hackers and scammers, with ruinous consequences for home buyers who are victimized.  We will help you protect your clients and your reputation.


Medical offices hold extremely valuable data about their customers, that is a prime target for hackers.  This type of data is highly susceptible to become published unless a ransom is paid.


Banks, credit unions, and accountants are probably the most obvious targets for cyber crime.


Consider the highly sensitive personal information that your law firm handles on a daily basis; what would happen if a random perpetrator gained access to your clients’ information, like their bank records, phone records, or personal affidavits?