All non-profits are exposed to persistent security threats that can lead to loss of data, money, and reputation.  Non-profits are highly visible targets for cyber attacks due to member and donor confidential information.  Know Network Risk is proud to support non-profit organizations that seek to better our communities and the social good by offering a significant discount on all our services.  Services provided to non-profit organizations are priced by a flat-fee model.  We understand the challenges that non-profits have in getting the most out of their budget.  As a non-profit, financial management and budgeting processes create strict guidelines for determining operating and capital costs.  More importantly, there are fiduciary obligations to your donors, members, and the communities you serve to operate responsibly and efficiently.  With Know Network Risk, costs are predictable because of our non-profit flat-fee model.  Knowing your expenses up front helps you stay within your defined budget and plan well into the future.

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